Services and solutions to support you to move to the CLOUD


Mensialis supports you in your transition to the cloud, with a selection of services that will help you grow.

Accessibility, mobility, collaboration

Accessibility, mobility, collaboration

Get a secure work environment, always available, accessible from anywhere and from any device.
Collaborate easily with your teams and your customers thanks to powerful communication tools.

Flexibility, cost control

Our cloud solutions adapt and evolve according to your needs. The services you consume reflect what you really need (licenses, storage space, features, …).
Your costs are controlled and proportional to reality, maintenance costs are reduced.

Productivity, serenity

Always benefit from the latest versions of your favorite software and tools (Office suite, Windows, business software, etc.).

Your working environment is based on the latest technologies on the market. It benefits, on a daily basis, from the monitoring, maintenance and backup necessary for its proper functioning.

Make a suite of essential office tools, directly accessible, backed by powerful communication and collaboration solutions available to all your employees: Email, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, collaborative tools, etc.

Security of Microsoft 365 offers: Mensialis helps you strengthen the security of your organisation and thus better protect your data.

Take advantage of all the resources offered by the cloud. Microsoft Azure and its numerous functionalities meet all your needs in terms of hosting, development, production and management of IT services, in the most flexible way.

Cloud Services such as Citrix DaaS and Azure Virtual Desktop make it possible to deliver desktops and applications on demand. Anywhere and to all your users.

Our experts can help you define your needs, configure your environment (local, hybrid, multi-cloud, etc.), secure and control access and maintain your infrastructure in the best conditions.

These services may also interest you

Audit & Consulting

To improve your productivity through IT, Mensialis will conduct a detailed and documented analysis of your entire system environment (infrastructure, applications, security, contract and licence management).

Based on this audit, it will be possible to consider ways of overcoming weaknesses and also to identify levers for improvement.

Managed Services
& Support

Our “All Care” service contract, designed specifically for SMEs, relieves you of the day-to-day burden of IT management, including proactive management of your IT, tracking of updates and user support


A flexible infrastructure will allow you to better envisage the future and benefit from better cost control.

Mensialis supports all of your installation, migration or virtualisation projects for your IT infrastructure.

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