Microsoft CLOUD solutions for business

Microsoft 365

Make available to all your employees a suite of essential, directly accessible office tools, backed by powerful communication and collaboration solutions: Email, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, collaborative tools, etc.

Secure Microsoft 365 offers: Mensialis helps you strengthen the security of your organization and thus better protect your data.

Accessibility, mobility, collaboration

Get a secure work environment, always available, accessible from anywhere and from any device.

Collaborate easily with your teams and your customers thanks to powerful communication tools.

Flexibility, cost control

Our cloud solutions adapt and evolve according to your needs. The services you consume reflect what you really need (licenses, storage space, features, …).

Your costs are controlled and proportional to reality, maintenance costs are reduced.

Productivity, serenity

Always benefit from the latest versions of your favorite software and tools (Office suite, Windows, business software, etc.).

Your working environment is based on the latest technologies on the market. It benefits, on a daily basis, from the monitoring, maintenance and backup necessary for its proper functioning.

Microsoft AZURE

Take advantage of all the resources offered by the cloud.

Microsoft Azure and its numerous functionalities meet all your needs in terms of hosting, development, production and management of IT services, in the most flexible way.

Microsoft Azure allows you to use external resources through an internet connection. A resource can be a virtual machine, storage, service, database, etc. You pay for the consumption of a resource based on its use. 


Take advantage of the multi-layered security provided by Microsoft in physical data centers, infrastructure and operations in Azure. Benefit from the state-of-the-art security provided in Azure data centers worldwide. 

Trust a cloud created with custom hardware, which has built-in security controls for hardware and software components, as well as additional protections against threats such as DDoS attacks.

Flexibility, cost control

Cloud solutions adapt and evolve to your needs. The services you consume reflect what you really need (software, storage space, functionality, etc.).

Your business doesn’t need to buy, configure, maintain and repair hardware to run workloads in the cloud

Your costs are controlled and proportional to reality, maintenance costs are reduced.

High availability

The Azure global infrastructure consists of two key components: the physical infrastructure and the elements of the connection network. The physical component includes more than 200 physical data centres, organized in regions and linked by one of the world’s largest interconnected networks.

Thanks to the connectivity of the Azure global network, each of the Azure data centers offers high availability, low latency, scalability and the latest advances in cloud infrastructure, all running on the Azure platform.

Together, these components maintain data entirely within the trusted Microsoft network, and IP traffic is isolated from the public Internet.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and application virtualization service that runs in the cloud.

Here’s what you can do when you run Azure Virtual Desktop on Azure:

  • Configure a Windows 11 or 10 multisession deployment that delivers a full version of the Windows experience with scalability
  • Introduce Microsoft 365 business applications and optimize them to run in multi-user virtual scenarios
  • Provide Windows 7 virtual desktops with free extended security updates
  • Leverage your existing Windows Server and Remote Desktop applications and desktops on any computer
  • Virtualize desktops and applications
  • Manage workstations and applications from different Windows and Windows Server operating systems with a unified management experience

Our expertise allows us to support you in all your projects to transform your environment, so that you can benefit from real efficiency gains.

Our engineers will put all their knowledge and know-how at the service of the evolution and management of your technological tools, according to your needs and your budget. By relying on their advice, you will obtain a more efficient, robust and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

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